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Micah on 20-02-2023   Odon, United States - Usa
I have gone in circles with AT&T for months about unlocking my phone and I was skeptical of these kinds of sites, but I ended up buying this service and I am ecstatic. I just got the email today that they were able to unlock my device and I am so happy. Unlockbase was fast and secure! Extremely happy with the process, and will definitely recommend to anyone who is needs their phone unlocked!
[email protected] on 20-02-2023   Philadelphia, United States - Usa
Fast and helpful but need to give more info about what and how to unlock.
My phone on 20-02-2023   Charlotte, United States - Usa
Thanks for letting me know that I can unlock my phone
Jon harmon on 19-02-2023   Portland, United States - Usa
Great prices and very helpful on how too unlock the phone
Darcey on 18-02-2023   Anderson, United States - Usa
WOW! Only 6 minutes to unlock my phone!!! THANK YOU!!!
Darcey on 18-02-2023   Anderson, United States - Usa
It took a bit longer than promised, but it did work. Phone is now unlocked. Thank you!
Jim S on 18-02-2023   Melbourne, Australia
Whilst UnlockBase failed to unlock my (ancient) phone, it did confirm the info I had given.
5 stars for effort, response and communication with the instant refunds where applicable.
Liz Wade on 17-02-2023   Leominster, United Kingdom
For my old classic Nokia 3310 the process seemed to have worked brilliantly. All instructions followed except that I had to type in the code with the old sim in as I couldn't access the keypad otherwise. phone is still showing the same message "Insert Sim" when I put the new one in, despire also showing as "unrestricted". I am not sure why, so probably still need to get further advice. But at least I know for sure that it is not restricted. Thanks
Dylan on 16-02-2023   Chicago, United States - Usa
If it unlocks my phone thanks
Sarah Beever on 16-02-2023   Las Vegas, United States - Usa
I have yet to see if it has worked


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